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About Our Workshops

Manifest Your Perfect Space, and Visualize Your Reality With Our Help, All For One Flat Fee. 


We bring your ideas to life and compile researched elements and resources, while keeping within your budget.


Your design is personalized and based on your preferences and laid out in an easy-to-follow format all for one flat price.

Let us help you visualize your reality and create your perfect space.

Enjoy  our provided workshops to enhance your knowledge and design ideas or utilize these workshops to strengthen your personal DYI skills to create your perfect space. 

Modernize Methods LLC


Workshops for DYI

Exciting workspace available to purchase on line or purchase and attend at our retail location. 

Color Pallet Workshop

Discover the means to create your personalize color palette you can use in your own design projects. Simply purchase and receive a link to download the workspace and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. Multiple levels of workshops are accessible for you to enjoy. See the link below. 

Check back with us monthly as we add on to our shop selections for your to enjoy. 

On-site 101 Color Palette Workshop - Beginners
  • On-site 101 Color Palette Workshop - Beginners


    Color fills our lives and enhances our spaces. In our everyday lives, it can create a sense of calm or energy. Using Modernize Methods LLC's workshops, you'll learn how to create a personalized color palette to use in your next design project. If you are a do-it-yourselfer or just want a better understanding of color, these workshops are for you.


    The workshop starts at a beginner level (101) and progresses upward, and is exculsively for on-site participants. The class is held Tuesdays, at 715 Chicago Ave, Evanston IL 60202, with limited seating. 


    The Color Palette 101 workshop, is a non-technical workshop and covers the basics of conveying your favorite colors and style to create your personal color palette. You will learn how to pick your favorite colors and mix and combine, and then separate them out for style performance, appling them to updated elements to create your perfect space. 


    Following your purchase in our shop, you will receive a confirmation email and a a link to materails that will be needed for the workshop, and a number to call to reserve your spot at the workshop of your choose that is upcoming. Be sure to call right away, because there is limited seating. 


    Design Services Are Non-Refundable - Due to the nature of these services and the fact that once consultation and design ideas are shared, they cannot be returned or pulled back, our services are non-refundable and we know that services shared are services provided.


    The purchaser agrees not to use materialss or video or any of other materials for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. Modernize Methods LLC does not permit the purchaser to use the video or materials for our workshops, in a way that could harm the company's reputation or goodwill.

    See our shop page for full terms and condition details.

    • Format of workshop is a link to a video.

      Format of workshop is a link to a video. Once you make your purchase you will receive confirmation of order with a link you can copy and put into your brouser in your web search provider and it will take you to the workshop video

    Terms and Condition Of Sale & Workshops 

    Link below for full terms and condition of the sale of training 

    materials, and workshop video. 

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