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Please remember to select and pay for your project first. (step one) 

 You are ready to have Modernize Methods LLC. design your space remotely.  Modernize Methods LLC. is happy that we can help you right now. You don't need to talk to us but if you want to you can call us we would love to talk to you. You don't need to wait in line. It's super easy, all you do is upload your photographs and pay the flat service fee online. Then we get to work right away and choose the decorations and furniture layout. Trust us we have designed over 300 projects and we can't wait to wow you as well. We integrate modern components, colors, stylish elements, personalized and inspired by your preferences and laid out into an easy-to-follow visual plan rendering giving you placement of all recommended updates in an easy-to- follow statement and shopping lists.


Only one photo at a time can be uploaded, please repeat the process if you have multiple photographs 

Our consultation process includes a review of all your uploaded photographs of your space, which may include space lighting changes or improvements, color updating, wallpapering, room functionality, storage and cabinet needs, new flooring and more. We also review your budget, timelines, and over-all room theme you wish to achieve for your space. We provide a visual plan recommendation and whole new look for your space without the high cost or lengthy remodeling timelines. Many times this can be completed in just about a week or two weeks from the initial photograph upload on line. 

Need help just ask us. Fill out the message form below and we will get back to you. 

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